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Rwinolray Investment (Pty) Ltd.
Creating Markets/ Creating Opportunity

We are amongst the leader in the private sector business financing and not only
the financing but we own and carry out some activities and projects ourselves.

A strong and engaged private sector is indispensable to ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity. That’s where Rwinolray Investment (Pty) Ltd comes in—we have more than 13 years of experience in unlocking private investment, creating markets and opportunities where they’re needed most. Since 2008, Rwinolray Investment (Pty) Ltd has leveraged us $260 million in capital to deliver more than us $3.8 billion in financing for businesses in developing countries.

Rwinolray Investment (Pty) Ltd works to create markets that give new opportunities to people in developing countries. These stories show how our innovative approaches have helped solve some of the largest problems in countries or, sometimes, entire regions.